IEC International Students Won the Prize in the 2020 Chinese Classic Recitation and Writing 


In 2020, the Ministry of Education and the State Language Committee held the second Chinese Classic Reading and Writing Competition.


Liaoning Provincial Department of Education organized and called on teachers, students, and social workers of all major primary and secondary schools in Liaoning Province to actively register. After receiving the competition notice, the IEC attached great importance to it, and actively contacted international students for communication and registration.


After nearly three months of preparatory practice and rehearsal recording, Fa Hamo, an Somalia international student, overcame many difficulties under the careful guidance of Teacher Fu Ying and won the third prize in the foreign student group of the "Reading Chinese Classics" Reading Contest.





2020年教育部、国家语委员会为贯彻落实中央办公厅 国务院办公厅《关于实施中华优秀传统文化传承发展工程的意见》,全面深入实施中华经典诵读工程,举办第二届中华经典诵读写大赛。