University Scholarship

In order to drive enthusiasm and study initiative, encourage and support excellence in conduct and academy, create a good study atmosphere and drive diligent study, Liaoning Communication University hereby formulates this Outstanding/distinguished International Student’s Scholarship Procedures.

1. Conditions for Application
I. Applicants shall be normal self-sponsored international students; registered for an undergraduate or postgraduate program for one (1) year or above and haven’t applied for temporary leave or extension of study;
II. Applicants shall observe and abide by every law of China, school rules and regulations, and not have any record of violation;
III. Applicants shall respect the authority, love the school, respect other foreign students, be friendly and positively participate in school organized activities;
IV. Applicants shall possess honest code of honor, be excellent in quality and have comprehensively good behavior synthesis evaluation;
V. Applicants shall be upright in study, diligent and have an outstanding academic record for the previous semester.
(a)First Prize Scholarship applicants shall have a minimum average of 85% with scores from each course not less than 80 marks;
(b) Second Prize Scholarship applicants shall have a minimum average of 80% with scores from each course not less than 75 marks;
(c) Third Prize Scholarship applicants shall have a minimum of 70 marks in every course.
(d) Single Item Scholarship applicants shall have a minimum of 65 marks in all courses.

2. Award Establishment
The University sets apart 5% of the total international students’ fee every year for the Outstanding International Students’ Scholarship.
(a) First Prize, RMB300 per month, awarded to 5% of the total number of students;
(b) Second Prize, RMB200 per month, awarded to 10% of the total number of students;
(c) Third Prize, RMB150 per month, awarded to 40% of the total number of students.
Single Item Scholarship :
(i) Outstanding Class Cadre Prize
(ii) Progressive Study Prize
(iii) Technological Activity Prize
(iv) Outstanding Social Activity Prize
(v) Full Attendance Award
The comprehensive scholarship prize and the single item scholarship may be awarded concurrently.

3. Evaluation procedures
The university establishes an International Students’ Scholarship Appraisal Committee. The committee is to be composed of the related school leaderships and the secondary units in charge; the international student office is responsible for the concrete details.
At the beginning of each semester, international students who meet the conditions for the scholarship should submit written application to the international students’ office
Based on the international student’s application, academic record and daily behavior performance (academic record 75%, daily behavior performance 25%), initial comments shall be made by the international students’ office organization, initial comments shall include class and grade evaluation, teacher evaluation and other procedures.
The international students’ office will compose the names of the applicants meeting the necessary condition, then report to the international students’ scholarship appraisal committee for consideration in the scheduled time then finally determine the scholarship students’ name list.
The Scholarship evaluation result shall be published on the international students’ office website.

4. Scholarship distribution procedures
The scholarship adopts a monthly distribution method; the international students’ office shall go through the distribution procedure before the 15th of every month.
The international students’ office of LNCU has the right to interpret the stipulated rights herein.