1.Date of new semester?
Fall semester: the 3rd week of September.
Spring Semester: the 3rd week of March.

2. Date of Arrival:
Fall semester: the 2nd week of September
Spring Semester: the 2nd week of March

3.Need I book the accommodation before I arrive?
Yes. You need book your room type at least two days before your arrival.

4.Is there any airport pick up service for new students? How much it would be charged.
We provide free airport pick up service at Shenyang airport for three days ahead of registration date. Other time the service will charge 300 RMB once.

5.How could I pay my school fees?
You have the following ways to pay your school fees.
A.Transfer your fees to the LNCU bank account before your arrival.
B.Bring the cash with you when you come to the university.
C.Open an bank account after your arrival at university and your parents can send money to your bank account.

6.Documents I need for register when I arrive?
Please take your admission letter, JW202 form, original highest graduate certificate and transcript.

7.Is the TOEFL or IELTS required for admission?

8.Do you accept requests to apply scholarship?
You can apply university scholarship from the second year.

9.Should students pay dormitory fee monthly, per semester or yearly?
Usually students pay dormitory fee year by year.

10. How the students can make a call from the room?  How much to make a call within the city?
We provide telephone in the rooms. They can buy cards in the markets near the campus. Usually it takes 0.2 Chinese yuan per minutes.

11. Should the students pay the electricity/water and the other cost (such as water or etc) in addition to those charges in catalog? If yes how much approximately for one month, please give detail.
Students need to pay electricity. We provide 100 units free each month, Students should meet the cost for excess use. 0.5 Chinese yuan per unit.

12.  How the students to wash the clothing if there is no washing machine in the room, please give direction and location.  How much the cost to ?
There are public washing machines on the floors of the apartment, which are free.

13.  Do the dorm provide blanket, sheet or other room equipment?

14. Should students pay the room during Spring/Winter/Summer/Autumn holiday? If yes how much the cost, how to calnculate it? Is it possible for students packing the belonging and left their belonging in the dorm office (not in the room) to avoid payment due to their traveling around China?
During the holiday student still keep their rooms. They can leave their belonging in the rooms for free.