Visa & Resident Permit Regulations

International students admitted by LNCU must register by the time stipulated on their Admission Notice. If unable to do so, International students must get special permission from the school, otherwise they will be deprived of the right to register. International students who have registered should, in line with relevant regulations, go through the formalities of lodging registration, sanitary quarantine, and residence and registration payment. International students wishing to live off campus should apply to their departments to get registered or get advice from departments.

Apartment Regulation

Ⅰ. Abide by the routine rules of LNCU. The international students are required to return to the apartment before 23:00 p.m.
Ⅱ. Abide by the visiting rules. Visitors should show their credentials and register at reception before they enter the apartment, and leave before 21:00 p.m. Visitors are not allowed to stay in the dormitories over night.
Ⅲ. Keep quiet. Activities which affect other’s normal life and study such as dancing, shouting, hard-drinking and playing loud music are forbidden.
Ⅳ. Actions which violate the Chinese laws and the regulations of LNCU are forbidden. And students are not allowed to transfer or sublet rooms by themselves.
Ⅴ. Those who are dismissed from LNCU should leave the university within the prescribed time limit. No rooms would be provided anymore and the university office has rights to deal with the belongings left in rooms.
Ⅵ. International Students shall pay the fees on time, such as the charge of room, phone, water and power. The tuition should be paid each academic year or each semester in a lump sum.
Ⅶ. The key should be kept and used only by the owner. Find somebody to take care of your belongings or deal with them in the best way during vacation.
Ⅷ. No spitting and littering. No moving or detaching indoor facilities. Keep everything in order and clean. Do not throw things out through windows, and rubbish should be put in the designated place.
Ⅸ. Pets are not allowed in the dormitories.
Ⅹ. No destroying, detaching or changing the equipments and electric wires in the rooms and the building. Any damage or loss shall be compensated. The responsible students should pay for the maintenance costs for backup in the sink, and if there is no definite one, the roommates should share the costs. The students must report to the reception when they find any damage of water-pipe or light, or those students should take the consequences if any damage occurs.
Ⅺ. Save water and power. Comply with the rules of using water and power. Electric appliances such as electric stove, electric heater, and electric rice cooker are strictly forbidden in dormitories and privately joining wires is also prohibited. The rooms are prohibited to store flammable and explosive goods. Those who cause fire or other damages must compensate all losses and would be transferred to the judicial and be investigated for criminal liability.
Ⅻ. International students should sign accommodation contract with the apartment when they move in and they are not allowed to transfer rooms by themselves during semester. Accommodation deposits will not be refund unless the students leave school.
XIII. Cooperate with the apartment staff when they enter the rooms for working. Students are forbidden to change or install locks by themselves.
XIV. Respect the staff and obey the management.
The international students who violate the regulations above would be given penalty or even academic dismissal by the university in accordance with the seriousness of the cases.


Payment Regulations

(a) International students must pay the fees for tuition, accommodation, registration, insurance, physical examination, and books, etc on time. Please refer to for detailed information.
(b) New students must pay tuition fees in full for the whole academic year prior to, or within three days of registration.
(c) Continuing students may choose to pay their annual tuition fees in two equal installments, one for each semester.
(d) Students whose duration of study is less than one year but exceeds one semester should pay the tuition fees for one academic year. Students who have studied for one semester or less should pay the tuition fees for half an academic year.
(e) The deadline for payment of tuition fees is the last day of registration for continuing students.
(f) International undergraduate students who have been approved for early graduation are required to pay the full amount of tuition fee that has been fixed for their original designated duration of study.

(g) International students with overdue tuition fees must fill out a form for late payment at the Department of International Cooperation and Communication. Once their late payment has been approved, students will be charged the following fines:

• 500 Yuan for payment within 10 days after the deadline;
• 1000 Yuan for payment 10-30 days after the due date.
Students who have not paid tuition fees as required 30 days after the deadline may be dismissed from the university, and any fees paid will not be refunded

Examination Rules

International students admitted by LNCU must register by the time stipulated on their Admission Notice. If unable to do so, International students must get special permission from the school, otherwise they will be deprived of the right.