What would you like for lunch?

Chinese food is famous all over the world, if you ask a foreigner how about Chinese food, everyone will be full of praise.


Universally recognized as one of the greatest cuisines of the world, Chinese food in all variety and complexity is unquestionably one of the finest pleasures a visitor can experience in China.  There is a famous movie called A Bite of China, it introduces Chinese food from different places. The audience is attracted by the delicious food, they never thought Chinese food would be so various.




Eric, the chief of Michelin three stars Resturant 

hang out in Sichuan.

Cantonese Cuisine


The region around Canton (Guangzhou) 



Cantonese food is the most popular style outside China.Using of braising, stewing, frying, steaming give the food a taste of mild..




Sichuan Cuisine


Originating in the Sichuan&Chongqing 



Sichuan cuisine is famous for its spicy and hot food.The ingredients for Sichuan cuisine are simple, but the spicy used are quite different.

What is really special about Sichuan cuisine is the used of Chinese prickly ash seeds, the taste of which leaves a feeling of numbness on one's tongue and mouth.




Shandong Cuisine


Consisting of Jinan&Jiaodong cuisine

Shandong cuisine is characterized by its emphasis on aroma, freshness, crispness and tenderness. It's the oldest existing major cuisine in China. Shallot and garlic are usually used as seasonings. So Shandong cuisine usually tastes pungent.



Let's see what delicious food we can taste in our university's cafeteria.


 Rice Noodles



Spaicy hot pot



Chinese cuisines 






Diaoxiao Noodles 刀削面

Marinated Egg 卤蛋


 Wonton 馄饨

Dumpling 饺子

Undoubtedly,these are just a show of a small portion of delicious food in the cafeteria of Liaoning Communication University, and there are more and more fancy and wonderful dishes for you to choose from. Moreover,the prices of these are also very affordable, just around 10 rmb each.


I am so proud of our Chinese food, when we talk with foreign friends, we can feel their love towards our food. The Chinese food is the essential part of our culture, they should be inherited.


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