Visual Communication Design

The Visual Communication Design program educates and trains the students for the communication needs of industry and society and to encourages students to actively engage their world and define their role as contributing designers by developing their critical and analytical skills, personal voice, and visual language. It is an intensive program emphasizing visual problem solving, organizational skills, and information theory. Emphasis is placed on the conception, creation, planning and realization of visual solutions to complex problems in contemporary culture. It will cultivate a sense of social responsibility and inquiry in student designers who will be working at the intersection of art, design, and mass culture.
Learning outcomes

  • To master the basic theory and knowledge of Graphic Design
  • To master the skills and methods of Visual Communication Design
  • To have the basic ability of independent visual communication design practice
  • To understand the principles, policies and regulations of economic, cultural and artistic undertakings
  • To understand the development of graphic design
  • To have the ability of designing and operating the drawing software

Core Curriculum
Introduction to visual communication design, Constitution Foundation, Commercial Photography, Photoshop, Format Design, Graphic Advertising Design, Logo Design, Design of Books Binding and Layout, Package Design, Website Design, Film Post Production, Corporate Image Design
Future Career
Students can take positions with design consulting offices, corporate design departments, and government design agencies, such like advertising design, layout design, Visual Identity, Web Design, Printing Plate.

Download:Course Curriculums