International Students Become New Members in Calligraphy Community of LNCU

On April 25th, four international students joined in the Calligraphy Community of LNCU and had their first try to write Chinese characters with writing brushes.
 International Students Become New Members in Calligraphy Com
The head of Calligraphy Community introduced the history of Chinese “Four Treasures of the study”—writing brush, ink stick, inkslab and paper to international students.
International students appreciated different types of Chinese traditional calligraphy works together with Chinese students. The same passion about Chinese traditional culture overwhelmed the language border. Our international students had big interest in Chinese Calligraphy and wrote every stroke seriously.

International student Ahmed hoped more international students could join in and study calligraphy and write Chinese characters. Salman loves Chinese culture and speaks fluent Chinese. He was happy to learn calligraphy as a new hobby.