Sudanese college students compete for proficiency in Chinese language

KHARTOUM – A Chinese proficiency competition for foreign college students was held in Sudan's University of Khartoum on Wednesday.

The competition, known as the Sudanese regional contest of the 17th "Chinese Bridge" Competition, brought together 14 contestants from three major universities in the African country.

Five of them were selected for the African final round of the Chinese language contest.

Mohamed Hassan Mohamed, head of the Chinese Department at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Khartoum, said that the champion of the African final round will travel to China to compete with contestants from other countries and regions in this year's "Chinese Bridge" final.

Mariam Muhsin Hassan, a contestant from the Chinese Department of the university, said the competition is "very important" for a college student choosing Chinese language as major.

"It provides the opportunity for the students to go and study in China, and helps them improve Chinese language," she said.

Hosted by the Confucius Institute Headquarters in China, the "Chinese Bridge" competition, one of the most significant platforms for college students across the world to study Chinese language, serves as a bridge to promote the cultural exchanges between China and the outside world.