The Educational Experts Inspected the Construction of IEIB in LNCU

On July 6th, three experts from the provincial education department conducted a special investigation into the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship incubation base (IEIB) for college students in LNCU. Wang Donghui, the Vice President of LNCU, as well as other teachers from relevant departments attended the meeting.          
In this meeting, Yang Ning, the deputy director of career department introduced the situation of IEIB in LNCU. LNCU has established its own talent training program which focuses on innovation, creation and entrepreneurship. IEIB has not only attracted many innovative companies, but also has contributed to the establishments of 6 national projects and 13 provincial projects. IEIB has directly provided jobs opportunities for more than a 100 graduates of LNCU.
After their comprehensive research, the experts had in-depth understandings of IEIB in LNCU and gave high remarks. Meanwhile, the experts put forward constructive suggestions and opinions of guidance, which are helpful for the development of LNCU.