Making dumplings on Winter Solstice

As the saying goes, “The winter solstice is as important as the new year, and it is time for reunion.” Winter solstice comes again.What should have been a cold winter was warm because we got together.

People make dumplings during the winter Solstice to celebrate the winter solstice and enjoy the charm of Chinese culture at the first catering center of the South campus of Liaoning Communication University on Dec. 21, 2018.

At the scene of the activity, under the demonstration and guidance of the teacher and The Chinese students, the international students learned the relevant steps, and then tried to make dumplings. After a while, the hot dumplings were served on the table, and the students gathered around and enjoyed the fruits of their labor.The scene of laughter, we spent the activity time in a happy atmosphere.

This activity not only carried forward Chinese traditional culture, but also enriched students’ extracurricular life and promoted the integration of Chinese and foreign students.