LNCU——Winter Sports Meeting

In order to enhance students’ physical fitness, enrich campus life, show the youthful vitality of college students. On December 15, 2021, international students from the School of International Education participated in the second day of the third Winter Fitness Meeting held by Liaoning University of Media and Communication. Xia Min,vice president,related departments, responsible persons of secondary colleges and all teachers of sports department attended the activity.

The winter fitness games are divided into two days held, in addition to the opening day of the 4 items, cyclone run, basketball point shooting, football ball, double table tennis, in the second day of the games and participated in the long rope (five men and five women), short rope and kicking shuttlecock projects. Our international students completed all the projects perfectly. The scene of fun, intense, set off a winter sports upsurge. What’s more exciting is that in this sports meeting, our international students won the second place in bouncing football.

The winter sports fitness uphold the “ignite passion plays life movement, movement, the theme of the fully implementing and deepening the reform of physical education teaching, students in the process of the activity, fitness, increase the friendship between the students, cultivate the team spirit of cooperation, to fully demonstrate the elegance of liaoning media college students, and congratulations to the perfect winter fitness games closing! I also hope that the School of International Education will become better and better!