LNCU Signs Cooperation Agreement of International Students with Kings University College, Ghana

The president of Dr. Felix Semavor of Kings University College, Ghana visited LNCU on April 10, 2017. The Vice president Xu Ying and the Executive Director of international cooperation and exchange department Wu Ningning had a nice talk with Dr. Felix Semavor. The two parties signed the international students agreement and many Ghana students will study in LNCU.

During the communication, Dr. Felix Semavor said “LNCU is one of the most famous communication universities in China and I even hear it in Ghana. The campus, education concept and the major are all first level in the world, especially the majors, such as the TV and radio editing, fashon design which are very popular in Ghana. The students in Ghana are eager to study in LNCU and improve their professional and theoretical level.” Now LNCU is open for Ghana and give them a chance to get the international education.

Later,Vice president Xu detailed introduced the broadcasting room, recording training room, non-linear editing system and customized training class. In the Shengjing Gallery. Dr. Felix Semavor was so surprised and spoke high of LNCU. He expressed that the training equipment is so advanced which can not be found in Ghana. He was happy to see that Ghana students would have such a good study environment. After the visiting of customized classes, Dr. Felix Semavor spoke highly of LNCU students’ training mode, which embodied the education value and the international and advanced education concept. After visiting the campus, Dr. Felix Semavor signed the cooperation agreement of international students with vice president Xu. The agreement stipulates that LNCU will accept the students sent by Kings University College and supply them with the good study environment, good recommendation, and excellent undergraduate education.