Third International Students Representative Meeting Held

On Monday 16th March, a meeting was held between IEC management and student representatives in room216, teaching building.

Executive Deputy Dean David Xu started the meeting by giving an update on the current epidemic situation. He explained the situation is almost coming to an end in China, however, things are becoming worse in some countries. It was strongly emphasized that the students who are currently outside China should wait until receiving official notice from IEC to return to China.

For the students who are currently in China, there is no need to return to their home countries, it is because now China is one of the safest countries and the new semester will be starting soon.As online classes have begun and it is expected to continue until the university resumes normal classes. All the students are encouraged to participate on time.

For the living services, food delivery is already in motion for the students on campus. As the current improvement in weather conditions, the students will be permitted to participate in outdoor activities more often.
To keep everybody healthy, IEC encourages all the students on campus to prepare for a general cleaning on 27th and 28th March, when all the dormitories will be cleaned thoroughly and get prepared for the new semester.