Enhance Fire Fighting Awareness and Build a Harmonious Campus

In order to enhance the fire safety awareness of international students and reduce the losses caused by fires, International Education College conducts New Semester Fire Fighting Drills. The activities are divided into lecture on fire fighting and firefighting drills. Head of campus security, Zhang Shiguang and Executive Dean of IEC Xu Danwei attended the Fire Fighting Drill. Lecture on firefighting was officially opened on 01st NOV 2019 in ZHICUN Building 301. In addition to popularizing fire safety common sense, Teacher from campus security department also conducted a case analysis of typical fire accidents to show the great danger and destructiveness of the fire. He reminded the students that the fire accident should not be underestimated, and the fire safety awareness should not be relaxed.

Subsequently, Head of campus security department, Zhang Shiguang delivered a speech. He said that the Campus Security Department has always attached great importance to the safety of international students. In the future, they will hold regular lectures on safety knowledge to improve everyone's awareness of safety and self-rescue and ensure personal and property.

Finally, International students came to the dormitory 8 to carry out the actual operation of the fire extinguisher. Through on-site teaching and practical operation, they not only deepened the understandings on the fire extinguishers, but also brought them firefighting experience.

Through this event, International students really know how to extinguish fires. It is believed that fire safety awareness will be transformed into common cognitive and conscious behaviors, and efforts will be made to eliminate all kinds of fire safety hazards, ensure the safety of themselves and property, and create a safe campus.