Notice on Summer Holiday

Dear all international students:
The summer holiday is coming, and we do wish all of you could have a very pleasant time during this period. The International Education College is hereby reminding the entire student to:
1. The summer holiday is from July 15th to September 1st, 2019.
2. From August 26th to August 30th(working time) is for the registration of new semester. All students will return LNCU to make registration in that period. If students who are unable to return on time should report to teachers in advance. If without any permission, LNCU will report those students who didn’t return LNCU on time to immigration to cancel their visas.
3. Class will begin on September 2nd, 2019.
4. Please ensure safety during the coming summer holiday. Before leaving room, remember to turn off the power source and close the windows. Ensure the doors are locked after leaving.
5. The students who are going back to your country or go out of Shenyang during the summer holiday please report to the office .
6. We will have teachers working on duty on working days during the summer holiday. If you have any inquiries, please contact the teachers to make an appointment.
Office number 024-89745600
William Wang: +86 15040329475
Terry Li: +86 18810612232
Karida Chen: +86 18941741798
David Xu: +86 15040238499

We hope you all will enjoy your holiday.

International Education College
Liaoning Communication University