Notice for International Labor Day

Dear all international students,
The International Labor Day is coming, International Education College is hereby reminding international students that:
1. We have 4 days off for the Labor Day which is from May 1st to May 4th.
2. April 28th (Sunday) follows the course schedule of May 2nd  (Thursday) . May 5th (Sunday) follows the course schedule of May 3rd (Friday) as well.
3.If you have plans to travel, please confirm your schedules according to this arrangement.
4. Please ensure safety during the coming holiday. Before leaving room, remember to shut down the power source and close the windows. Take care of yourselves and have a nice holiday.

Office number:  +86 2489745600
Students Management:  Anderson Sun  +8618302494636
Students Enrollment :  William Wang  +8615040329475
David Xu:  +86 15040238499
We hope you all will enjoy your holiday.