Network & Multi-media Applications

Studying our Network and New Media program will provide you with a comprehensive grounding in the theories and ability, and you will gain in-depth knowledge of the key concepts associated with the new media in network society and grasp the recent developments and trends in traditional media, new media and information networks, enabling you engage confidently with all aspects of network and New Media and new media technologies.
Learning outcomes

  • To master the basic theory and knowledge of the humanities and social science
  • To grasp the theory and knowledge of internet information, new media, and computer
  • To have the application ability of information collection, collation, analysis, editing and management in the fields of Network and New Media

Core Curriculum
Introduction to Network and New Media, News interview and writing, Network and new media editor basis, the basis of Photography, Interactive Media Interface Design, Network advertising Planning and Design, Web page Planning and design, News Photography Technology, Network and New Media Video Program Editing, We-Media Creation and Operation, Network Operation and  Management
Future Career
Some of the key career destinations include new media organizations, as well as press and broadcast organizations with a new media component, international news agencies, government departments, advertising firms, public relations organizations, and many others.

Download: Course Curriculums