2018 International Students Autumn Semester Graduation Ceremony Held Successfully

LNCU held the 2018 International students autumn semester graduation ceremony on January 8, Vice President Xu Ying attended and delivered a speech. Officiating at the ceremony were the Board of Director of University of Economics and Management, Cambodia-Prof. Tep Khunnal, and President  of University of Economics, Cambodia -Prof. Tun Pheakdey,
At the ceremony, Vice President Xu Ying congratulated students from Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Ethiopia and other countries on the successful completion of their studies. She said that in 2018, IEC has made great progress, with more than 200 foreign students from 33 countries now studying in school, and LNCU will continue to adhere to "expand the scale, optimize the structure, and standardize the management."  The principle of ensuring quality is to carry out the work of international students in depth. She hopes that all graduates will keep in mind the motto of LNCU, cultivate the ability of lifelong learning, continue to work hard in the future in their works and studies, and achieve their dreams on the world stage and make great progress in the future.
Then AL-SAKKAF, an international student from Yemen, spoke on behalf of the graduates. He expressed his love for China and LNCU. At the same time, he said that he had made great progress in studying Chinese at school. He was deeply impressed by the rigorous teaching style and style of study of LNCU. The experience laid a good foundation for his personal development in the future.
Subsequently, vice president Xu Ying and President of University of Economics and Management, Cambodia -Prof. Tun Pheakdey awarded certificate of completion for international students.
Finally, Board of Director of University of Economics and Management, Cambodia-Prof. Tep Khunnal was invited to give a speech. He said it was a great honor to be invited to the ceremony. He congratulated the graduates and hoped that they would continue to work hard to improve themselves and make their due contribution to the peaceful development of the world.