Business Administration

Course Overview
The Business and Management major is one of the most versatile options for careers after graduation. The program will teach you business basics such as accounting, organizational management, marketing and communications. Plus, English-intensive This major will improve the students practical work skills in business. The skills acquired in business courses will be applicable to undergraduates for the future career.
Learning Outcomes

  • Analysis and evaluation: Critically analyze and interpret information to solve problems and make decisions
  • Communication: Effectively communicate in written documents, oral presentations and interpersonal interactions
  • Ethics: Recognize and evaluate ethical issues at the individual, organizational and societal levels of analysis

Core Curriculum
Introduction of Business and Management, Marketing, Marketing Research, Fundamental of Accounting, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Consumer Psychology, Public Relations, Marketing Strategy, Economic law, Business Statistic and Application, business copywriting and Negotiation and Communication Skills Etc.
Career Opportunities
You will be applicable to a huge array of professions, making you a valuable resource for employers after you graduate. Here are the opportunities for the future career:

  • Business operations manager
  • Systems analyst/IT consultant
  • Commodity broker
  • Logistics manager
  • Market research analyst
  • Human resource manager