IEC Students Visited Xibo Museum

In order to enrich the cultural life of the overseas students and enhance their understanding and recognition of Chinese culture, together with members of Chinese & Foreign Students Exchange Association, over 40 students visited the Xibo Museum of China in Shenyang on November 23rd.

Comrades in charge of Xibo Museum of China warmly received our team. First of all, members of the Sino-foreign Exchange Association and foreign students visited the main exhibition hall on the second floor, which is about the history, culture, living customs and spiritual heritage of the Xibo people. They deeply understood the development history of the Xibo people and the great feats of moving westward and garrisoning the border. More than 700 exhibits are in the museum, supplemented by multimedia technology, reproduced the history of Xibo people from its origin to the present and left a deep impression. Subsequently, they visited the first floor of the Huaxia Lacquerware Museum where exhibited the lacquerware culture of various dynasties in China.

Through this visit, the exchange and communication between Chinese and foreign student exchange associations and foreign students have been strengthened, and the deep feelings of foreign students towards Liaoning and China have been cultivated.