Prohibition the use of high-power appliances in the dormitory

To whom It May Concern,
Regarding the use of high-power electrical appliances in the dormitory, accidents such as fires in the dormitory have occurred frequently in some nearby international students’ apartment, we hereby inform all the international students who live in international apartment to follow the rules:
1) Do not use high-power appliances such as electric heaters, electric kettles, hair dryers, etc. in your bedroom;
2) Do not change or tamper with electrical wires in the bedroom;
3) Do not litter cigarettes, do not ignite open flames, do not burn letters, etc.;
4) Do not stack dangerous items such as flammable or explosive in the bedroom;
5) Do not use alcohol stove or liquefied gas stove to cook;
6) If you want to take the electricity off, cut off all the power before leaving the dormitory; if you smell the rubber paste of the wire, report to teacher who is in duty in dormitory;
7) Figure out the structure of the dormitory, familiarize yourself with the safe passage of the exit, and master the basic knowledge of fire fighting and escape.
For the safety of yourselves and others' lives and properties, we need to eliminate all safety hazards and work together to create a safe and harmonious life and study environment.