Final Exams Schedule Spring 2018 and Certificate of Completion Issue

June 11, 2018
Dear all international students:
The Spring semester in 2018 is ending. Final exams begin June 27 and end July 3, 2018. One week after all exams (July 10th), students in 2017-2018 Chinese Language Program will obtain Certificate of Completion (meet the requirements of LNCU). The schedule is as follows:
1.Final Exams Schedule

2. Make-up Exams Schedule

Room Date and Exam Hours Students Subjects
214 July 2nd
10: 00-10: 45
Usman(乌斯曼) Listening,
215 July 2nd
10: 00-10: 45
Elmi (艾米)
216 July 2nd
10: 00-10: 45
Comprehensive Chinese

3.Certificate of Completion for Chinese Language Program Students
LNCU complies to the 100 grading system for the Certificate of Completion.

Scale* Grade Description
80-100 Distinction
70-79 Merit
60-69 Pass

*The average points of all subjects
Note: Each subject is over 60 points to get the certificate of completion

 4.Leaving Procedures 
Students who finish their language programs need to finish the Leaving Notice (attached) before leaving LNCU and obtaining Certificate of Completion.
Liaoning Communication University
International Education College