Wang Yi Holds Talks with Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Isselkou Ould Ahmed Izid Bih of Mauritania

On May 19, 2017, Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Isselkou Ould Ahmed Izid Bih of Mauritania in Nouakchott.

Wang Yi said that China and Mauritania have always been good friends and good partners, and both sides should work together to transform traditional friendship into the driving force for strengthening cooperation and transform political mutual trust into achievements that are beneficial to the two peoples. As a member of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation and the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum, Mauritania can make full use of these two platforms to align with China and deepen cooperation in various fields, and China is willing to strengthen communication and coordination with Mauritania to promote government assistance and enterprise cooperation to go hand in hand. The Chinese side encourages Chinese companies to invest in Mauritania according to market principles, and help Mauritania to develop industry, expand employment, increase exports in marine economy, light manufacturing, mining, building materials and other fields so that Mauritania can gradually enhance its self-development capacity and establish its own industrial system. China is fully confident of Mauritania’s development prospects and the cooperation between the two countries.

Wang Yi expressed that the current African situation is on the whole peaceful and stable, but still faces many threats and challenges. As a member of developing countries and a permanent member of the UN Security Council, China has always supported African countries in solving their problems in their own ways and supported regional organizations in playing an important role in African affairs. China will continue to make efforts to safeguard the interests of African countries and developing countries within the UN and other multilateral frameworks. China supports Mauritania’s initiative of the establishment of the G5 Sahel and is willing to provide necessary help for the mechanism to play a greater role in the maintenance of regional security and stability.

Agreeing with Wang Yi’s assessment on bilateral relations, Isselkou Ould Ahmed Izid Bih said that Mauritania sees China as the most reliable friend and partner and is grateful for China’s long-term support and assistance. Mauritania admires the development achievements China has made and is willing to learn from China's development experience, and further deepen bilateral mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields, in a bid to benefit the two peoples. The two sides are now conducting preliminary cooperation in Nouakchott Fishing Port, marine integrated industrial park and other projects, and it is hoped that these projects could work out and achieve good results at an early date, becoming a landmark project like the Friendship Port of Nouakchott as well as the symbol of Mauritania-China friendship in the new period. Mauritania highly appreciates China for supporting the revision of the historical injustice to African countries in the reform of the UN Security Council, and is willing to strengthen coordination with China and work together to ensure that the reform of the UN Security Council is on the right track.

The two Foreign Ministers also exchanged views on relevant hotspot issues in Africa.

(From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China)