LNCU International Student Salman Won Award in Chinese Proficiency Competition

On May 15th, A Chinese proficiency competition for foreign college students was held in Shenyang Aerospace University.
The competition, known as the Liaoning International Students Proficiency Competition, brought together 26 contestants from 19 universities in Liaoning province.
LNCU international student Salman Ali Qaid competed in this competition. Salman
from Yemen loves Chinese culture and speaks fluent Chinese. He made a speech Ode to China and gave a live calligraphy demonstration. Salman won the Excellence Award for this competition.
Hosted by the Liaoning Education Department, the Chinese language proficiency competition, one of the most significant platforms for international students to express their understanding about China and promote the cultural exchanges between China and the outside world.
LNCU International Student Salman Won Award in Chinese Profi