Internationals Students Visited Shenyang Urban Planning Exhibition Hall and Liaoning Provincial Library

On May 3rd, all international students of LNCU visited Shenyang Urban Planning Exhibition Hall and Liaoning Provincial Library.
Internationals Students Visited Shenyang Urban Planning Exhi

Historically, Shenyang is probably the most important city in northeastern China. Known previously by several different names including “Shenjing”, “Fengtian”, and “Mukden”, the city was historically the capital of Manchuria. Thereafter, Shenyang was officially known as a “secondary capital” until the end of the Qing Dynasty in 1911. 


In Shenyang Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, the most remarkable thing is the 1: 1000 3D terrain model for Shenyang City.
Liaoning Provincial Library (LPL) is one of state-owned public libraries with provincial level in China. As a cultural institution of academic nature, it has the function to provide documents and information services for the public without charge. Besides that, it is also the provincial center for book stocking, bibliography compiling, exchanging among all libraries as well as for professional work coordination and researches. The ancient books in LPL totaled more than 560,000 volumes, including over 120,000 rare ancient books. Besides, up to a million copies have been distributed to the grass-roots units. In recent years, LPL has organized large-scale readers’ activities and themed exhibitions and availed itself of those as the entry point to participate in and serve the society, for which it has received extensive acclaims from all sectors of society.

International students understand more about Shenyang’s history and culture. After the visitings, they expressed that they knew Shenyang and Liaoning better than before.