The Spring Semester Teaching Seminar of 2018 Held

On March 6th, 2018,International Education College (IEC) held a Teaching Seminar for the Spring Semester of 2018. The Head of Supervision Office Prof. Li Houjian and the teachers of IEC attended the meeting.The meeting was presided by the Deputy Director of IEC Prof. Liu Baojin.
Firstly, Prof. Liu Baojin introduced the purpose and significance of the seminar. This seminar aims to consolidate the foundation, improve the quality, and answer the questions that arise in the teachers' preparation at the beginning, and discuss the teaching methods and modes.
At the meeting, the teachersexchanged their views on the teaching concepts, contents and classroom management of the courses taught in the new semester.
Finally, Professor Li Houjian put forward the suggestions on the teaching of the new semester. He pointed out that our university paysgreat attention to the education of international students, and the teachers can adopt more flexible and effective teaching methods according to the actual situation. The teachers should focus on preparing the students to optimize teaching effect and improve teaching quality.