Cultural exchanges make Philippines, China better friends: Philippine official

MANILA, March 5 (Xinhua) — Cultural exchanges are always important to the bilateral relations between the Philippines and China, making the two countries better friends, Philippine presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said.
Roque told Xinhua on the sidelines of a Spring Festival gala on Sunday night that the event will help peoples of China and the Philippines understand each other better.
"Cultural exchanges are always important to the bilateral relations. When we try to share our cultural experience and traditions, we help understand each other better. When we understand each other better, we can be better friends," said Roque.
"Now the Philippines and China are good friends, the two countries hope not only expand the political and economic relationship but the cultural relationship as well," said Roque.
Roque also expressed hope that in the future the Philippines will send its artists to China and let Chinese people understand the Philippines better.
Roque said the recent relationship between the Philippines and China is "excellent." He believed the friendship will bring mutual benefit to both countries and bring stability to the region.
Around 3,000 overseas Chinese and Filipinos in Manila attended the event and feasted on the performances by Chinese artists, which included Peking Opera, classical dances, traditional instruments and Chinese songs.
The gala, titled "Cultures of China, Festival of Spring," has been held annually since 2009 and has since presented shows to around 6 million overseas Chinese and audiences worldwide.
Source: Xinhua