China’s Achievements Important to Rwanda and Africa, Experts Say

China has made great achievements under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC), and its experience is important to the development of Rwanda and Africa, experts said here in recent interviews with Xinhua.


China has been politically stable with a strong economic foundation, said Abdul Karim Harelimana, member of the National Executive Committee of the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), Rwanda's ruling party.

The CPC is on the right track and achieved "crystal clear" positive results in the last five years in China, said Harelimana, who is also the chairman of culture and sports commission of the RPF and the acting chairman of RPF's Information and Communication Commission.

China has lifted over 700 million people out of poverty in the past 30 years, which marked a great step in global poverty reduction, said Herman Musahara, associate professor and researcher at the College of Business and Economics of University of Rwanda.

Anastase Shyaka, CEO of the Rwanda Governance Board, told Xinhua that China owes its achievements to a coherent leadership that works for the development of the whole country instead of its self-interest.

In addition, China has built its economy on knowledge and innovation, and has also tried to produce products that fit different markets in the world, said the CEO.


China's success has taught Rwanda and Africa that where there is a will, there is always a way, Shyaka said.

The CEO said China has constructed its own political system based on its own situation and values, instead of copying Western models. Similarly, Rwanda's political system is based on the will and wish of its people as well as the vision of the country, instead of being "a copy and paste from any."

He further noted that China is open to cooperate with Africa through win-win approaches, which is very important to countries on the continent.