Chinese Medical Team Treats Ethiopian School Children in Need

Chinese medical team on Sunday provided free healthcare treatment and educational materials support for school children in need in Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa.

The support by members of the 20th Chinese medical team in Ethiopia also incorporated food items provision and educational materials support in partnership with the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia and Chinese companies.

Zhao Cheng, Chinese medical team leader and cardiologist, said that the free healthcare service provision to students enrolled at Muday Charity Association was made in an attempt to enable school children, who are drawn from financially insecure families, to effectively undertake their education.

According to Zhao, 10 medical team members provided services including mouth and respiratory organ treatments, eyes protection support and heart condition checkups.

Muday Charitable Association, a local non-governmental organization based in Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa, helps thousands of disabled young Ethiopians.

Muday Mitiku, founder and head of the association, affirmed that the support is "very important for these children since their families are poor who are unable to follow up their health and education."

"This is really very important for us. These children are from poor families and they didn't get checkups and we do not even know simple health problems," she said. "They have also helped us in other materials by bringing some school materials and food items that we really needed very much," Muday added.

Zhu Wenqiang, secretary at the Chinese embassy in Ethiopia, stressed that the support provided on Sunday is part of the Chinese government's commitment to support African friends.

"China is still a developing country but we still think it's our obligation to help African friends as much as we can," he said.

"We invite Chinese companies to perform similar community support activities. It's a great initiative and we will continue doing these kinds of activities in the future," Zhu added.