Chinese Community in Zambia Marks 53rd Anniversary of Bilateral Relations

The Chinese community in Zambia held a cultural performance here on Wednesday to celebrate the 53rd anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries.

The event, organized by the Chinese embassy in collaboration with the Zambia Chinese Association, involved various performances such as dance, music, drama and Kung Fu shows at a Chinese-built government complex.

Zambian Minister of Tourism and Arts Charles Banda said he looked forward to more cultural exchange programs between the two countries to share ideas and experiences in the development of creative arts and cultural industries.

"It is my sincere belief that the event … will inspire Zambian artists and the public in general not only to appreciate the Chinese arts and culture, but also to rekindle their desire and appetites to develop the sector to such levels as we are about to witness," the minister said.

Banda said such cultural exchanges play a critical role in enabling the two peoples to interact and learn from each other, adding that the Zambian government was committed to developing the cultural sector into a viable and sustainable component of the country's development.

He further lauded China for its continued assistance to Zambia's development, saying the government remains committed to fulfilling its obligations under different agreements signed between the two countries.

For his part, Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Yang Youming said the development of the China-Zambia traditional friendship is a typical story of deepening mutual understanding, closer integration and expanding cooperation.

"It is not only bolstered by the frequent bilateral political exchanges and increasing economic and trade cooperation between the two countries, the cultural exchanges and cooperation also play an irreplaceable role," the ambassador said.

The two countries established diplomatic ties in 1964, which made Zambia the first southern African nation to forge diplomatic relationship with China.