Mozambique to Introduce Chinese Acupuncture to Public Hospitals

Mozambique's Ministry of Health said Friday it will introduce acupuncture, a traditional Chinese medical treatment, to main provincial hospitals in the country's central and northern regions next year.

The announcement was made by Martinho Dgedge, the ministry's general inspector, at the end of the first training session on traditional Chinese medicine in the capital Maputo.

"Acupuncture has been assimilated by modern and conventional medicine. With scientific researches conducted in several countries, its therapeutic effects have been recognized and explained in papers published in scientific journals. It has gained more and more credibility and influence," said Dgedge.

Acupuncture consists of stimulation of specific acupoints with needles and is widely used in China. Many Western countries have already adopted this therapeutic approach.

During the 75-day training course, local doctors learned Chinese medicine techniques, including the use of needles to stimulate nerves, massage, the cupping therapy, among other practices.

From Xinhua