The overseas study tour program of LNCU came to a successful and happy ending

In August 2017, the overseas study tour program of Liaoning Communication University (LNCU) came to a successful and happy ending. This program has received an immense amount of appreciation from the participants, the students from different departments of LNCU.
During the 2-week overseas study tour program, the students from LNCU paid a visit to the United States. Jenny, one of the students from LNCU, acted as the only Chinese president assistant of an American University. She has been highly recognized due to her excellent performance in organizing and coordinating various activities there. It is the second time for her to take part in such program. When asked about the comments on such program, she said, “I feel very appreciated and happy that LNCU offered such an opportunity to me, which has been very helpful for my prospective endeavors. My coordinating ability, sense of responsibility and the spirit of perseverance have been obviously improved. Besides, such experience has made me more confident.”
LNCU has constantly devoted herself for educational internationalization and focused on the innovative mode of fostering international talents. Therefore, LNCU envisions extending the horizons of her international exchange program further.