International Students of LNCU Tour Liaoning Provincial Museum and Taste Zongzi for the Celebration of Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival, a traditional Chinese festival with profound historical and cultural heritage, has once again become a cross-cultural feast. The IEC of Liaoning Communication University specially planned a Dragon Boat Festival activity of “Tour Liaoning Provincial Museum and Taste Zongzi”. With the school’s guidance, the international students toured the Liaoning Provincial Museum, tasted the delicious Zongzi and experienced the Chinese tradition of cultural richness.

In the museum, the rich exhibits and detailed explanations allow the international students to travel back to the long river of history and deeply feel the breadth and profundity of Chinese civilization. Ranging from ancient pottery, jade, and bronze ware, to modern calligraphy, painting, and handicrafts, all of them show the wisdom and creativity of the Chinese nation. While appreciating, the international students also actively communicated with the teachers, put forward their own opinions and questions, and showed a high enthusiasm for learning and curiosity.

After the tour, the international students returned to the school to taste the Zongzi, put on the bracelet of Five-color thread for the Dragon Boat Festival, hung up the small gourd of the festival, and was fascinated by the novel and interesting Chinese Dragon Boat Festival culture.

Liaoning Communication University has always attached attention to the education on the international students in China, as well as the promotion and exchange of traditional Chinese culture. Once the traditional festivals approach, traditional cultural experience and exchange activities will be exclusively organized. Through the activities, international students can not only learn the knowledge of traditional Chinese culture, feel the charm of Chinese culture, but also enhance their understanding and recognition of Chinese culture.

This tour of Liaoning Provincial Museum and Zongzi Tasting built a happy Dragon Boat Festival for the international students.