Uganda Thanks China for Promoting Local Movie Industry

KAMPALA – A senior Ugandan official on Friday praised China for helping the east African country develop its movie industry.

"The relationship between China and Uganda has helped our country build a strong movie industry by using Chinese experts to teach our directors like Isaac Nabwana all the necessary things which helped him to create this movie," said Vincent Bagiire, permanent secretary of Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, referring to Nabwana's new release BRUCE U.

Bagiire made the remarks on Friday during the premiere of BRUCE U at Wakaliga slum on the outskirts of the capital Kampala.

The movie includes both Ugandan and Chinese actors. It was produced by Wakaliwood, a local movie company.

Bagiire said the movie industry can contribute to a more informed society and help shape attitudes and develop the minds of local viewers.

"We need to expedite the process to protect the huge potential that the industry presents to cause employment, as well as economic and cultural growth," he said.

Chu Maoming, acting Chinese ambassador to Uganda, said the two countries will continue to cooperate in a bid to develop the local film industry.

The movie tells the story of a Uganda boy and Chinese Kung Fu fan Kiwa, who accidently gets a chance to learn Kung Fu at China's Shaolin Temple.