IEC carried out routine dormitory inspection

A clean and tidy room is a crucial factor of an individual’s living experience and campus life. In the afternoon of 28th September, International Education College carried out a routine room check at Apartment 8. In order to make a bug-free dorm for international students, the stuff in IEC also brought pesticide and used in the hot spots of the bugs.

The pesticide has been applied to both occupied rooms, vacant rooms and the warehouses. To make sure the upcoming students are able to start their campus life from a tidy and cozy room.

When it came to routine room check on a weekly basis, the general room conditions were good. Most international students could clean the rooms up and get some fresh air, which did good for their study. For those whose rooms were in a mess, they were informed to clean up their rooms and accept a room check recently.

The routine sanitary and safety inspection further improved the living qualities of international students of LNCU. We hold a firm belief that they can cultivate such a habit for their healthy lifestyle.