Dormitory Inspection

In order to implement the requirements for the investigation and rectification of school safety hazards, eliminate dormitory safety hazards, and effectively protect the safety of students’ lives and property, on June 26, 2023, the School of International Education, conducted a joint inspection of international students’ dormitories to further standardize the management of international students’ dormitories. Firmly establish the idea of “safety first”.

Conduct on-site supervision on the hygiene, placement and safety hazards of international students’ dormitories during the inspection. According to the feedback of the inspection results, the overall health condition is good, and the rectification notice is issued to the international students with poor health in individual dormitories, requiring the establishment of reform; Praise exemplary dorm rooms and maintain them.

The safety inspection of international students’ dormitories was carried out, which effectively investigated the safety hidden problems of some international students’ dormitories, and further improved the safety awareness of international students. In the future, the college will continue to improve the normal and long-term dormitory safety management mechanism, further strengthen the dormitory safety publicity and education, and create a safe and harmonious learning and living environment for international students.