New Semester, New Class

At the beginning of the new year, everything is renewed. We have sent off the harsh winter, ushered in spring, and ushered in a new semester! Peng Cheng, the instructor of the Institute of International Education, held the theme class meeting of “the first lesson of the new semester”. In the past journey, we have had joy and sunshine, which has become an eternal memory. Now we add a lock to lock it up, and everything in front of us is new. Of course, in the new semester, we should make new achievements in learning, which requires unremitting efforts! When you enter the university, you should cherish this precious time to enrich yourself and turn your ideal into an irresistible power.

February 20 will usher in the first exam of the new year, which is also a test of last semester’s study. Peng Cheng, the instructor, taught the students about the integrity test, and encouraged them to review quickly, strictly abide by the discipline of the examination room, and give full play to their true level. We will fully implement the school’s requirements on examinations, form a good atmosphere of integrity, promote the fundamental improvement of the examination style, correct our attitude, improve the students’ understanding of the seriousness of cheating in examinations, put an end to cheating, create a fair competitive environment for the students, truly establish a good style of study and examination, and successfully complete the final examination of last semester.

In the new semester, the instructor will educate students about the recent telecommunications fraud in order to improve their awareness of prevention. In addition, the school will be unsealed, and students will be given safety education. Pay attention to safety when entering and leaving the school, return to bed on time, and do not violate the school rules and disciplines.

Through this class meeting, I hope that students can work hard to learn professional knowledge and abide by the school rules and regulations in the new semester. Finally, I wish you good results in the final exam!