Class meeting on “Second Classroom” credit management measures

On December 29, International Education College held a class meeting on the credit management method of the second classroom. Due to the impact of the epidemic, this class meeting took the form of online, and the students joined the meeting on time.

This class mainly contains three main contents:

1. Focus on further improving the ideological and moral character and comprehensive quality of college students, promoting the training of high-quality applied talents, innovating the talent training model, improving the quality of talent training, giving students a second class credit to participate in extracurricular practice, and helping to promote the all-round growth of students.

2. Give specific scoring standards for students’ various public welfare practice activities after class to improve students’ enthusiasm for extracurricular practice.

3. While adhering to the first class, students are encouraged to actively learn the second class course of ideological growth, health and law popularization, as well as relevant social practices and public welfare activities, and include the results of the second class into all kinds of awards and excellence at all levels in the school.

The second class results are not only a necessary way for the school to cultivate students’ social practice experience. Therefore, every student should pay enough attention to make their learning and life richer and mobilize the enthusiasm for active learning. I believe that this class meeting is very beneficial for students to understand the credit system and improve social experience