Safty Education on Winter Holidays

The tense and busy semester is coming to an end, and the students are looking forward to the coming winter vacation. On December 9, the School of International Education of Liaoning Media University held a class meeting themed “Leave school in holiday and leave bed in a civilized way” for students who left school and went home.

During the class meeting, teacher Peng, the counselor, and the monitor explained to the students the precautions for leaving bed and the safety education at home. In order to enhance the students’ safety awareness and self-protection awareness, and effectively ensure the students’ personal safety when they leave school, the counselor Peng proposed several requirements for the students’ personal safety after leaving school through practical and vivid cases, focusing on reminding the students to take care of their own financial affairs and pay attention to personal safety at all times on the way back and forth. Finally, the hygienic standard of the dormitory when leaving the bedroom was emphasized, and the following requirements were put forward:

1. Before leaving school, you should carefully tidy up the dormitory, clean up, remove the garbage left in the dormitory, and try to avoid the breeding of germs and insects.

2. Make your bed before leaving school. Carefully do a good job of dust-proof work for bedding and clothes, and cover them with dust-proof cloth when necessary.

3. Before leaving the dormitory, remember to close the doors and windows of the dormitory, and report for repair in case of glass damage. Especially for the dormitory on the lower floor, the windows must be closed.

4. In the dormitory, when there is no one on holiday, it is better to put away your valuables and lock them.

The class meeting gave students an alarm in terms of personal and property safety, which helped them improve their awareness of prevention, master more safety knowledge, and help them achieve a safe and meaningful winter vacation.