Campus Safety Education Class Meeting

On November 29, International Education College of Liaoning Communication University held a class meeting on the theme of campus safety education, which is of great significance for deepening students’ awareness of campus safety.

Tutor Peng summarized four small points around the theme of this class meeting to help students understand them in detail.

1. Personal safety education

Personal safety is closely related to everyone, and we need to reduce and implement personal safety. For college students, personal safety mainly covers two categories: physical and mental and life. To maintain the physical, mental and life health of college students, we need each of us to practice the core socialist values and constantly improve our three values in our study and life. We should not only learn to safeguard personal interests, but also pay attention to the collective interests of others and contribute to the social and cultural environment for the campus.

2. Dormitory safety education

It mainly covers dormitory electricity and hygiene education. Dormitory is not only a key point of campus work, but also a necessary field for students to study and live. We should protect ourselves and dormitory on the premise of following the campus rules and regulations, and give everyone a healthy and safe environment.

3. Campus safety education

Tutor Peng first put forward criticism and requirements for some students on campus to violate school rules and school discipline, which is helpful for students to understand and improve their personal literacy. And make requirements for changes in measures on campus epidemic prevention policies to help students build a strong wall for epidemic prevention.

At the end of the class meeting, Tutor Peng actively organized a heart-to-heart talk with the students. Tutor Peng combined his own experience and practice to give students reasonable learning suggestions, provided reference and experience for the students’ lives and learning, activated the atmosphere of the class meeting and promoted the construction of a harmonious and civilized class. I hope that students will always keep safety precautions in mind, work together to create a safe high wall, and work together to build a safe campus!