Class Meeting for safety of electricity

Safe use of electricity has always been a focus of campus safety. On November 2, International Education college of Liaoning Communication University held a class meeting on the safe use of electricity, which is of great significance for deepening students’ common sense of safe use of electricity.

This class meeting will be held by tutor Peng Cheng. Safe use of electricity is a compulsory course for everyone. However, there are still repeated accidents that endanger personal safety such as fires every year. The essence is still caused by our weak sense of prevention, as well as the illegal use of high-power electrical appliances by some students in violation of campus regulations, and the failure to standardize power outages when leaving the dormitory. For example, many students use computers, electric blankets and other electrical appliances, which are very easy to cause fire accidents when the load is too heavy. In addition, many students may place electrical appliances at will when leaving the dormitory. If the power is not cut off in time, it is very easy to cause a short circuit of the power supply and cause a fire. Therefore, it can be seen that safety awareness cannot be ignored.

Mr. Peng summarized several tips for using electricity safety for the students at this class meeting 1. It is strictly forbidden to use high-power electrical appliances in the bedroom, and the safety risks of low-power electrical appliances should not be ignored. 2. Before leaving the dormitory, you should do a good job of power outage and develop good electricity habits. 3. Don’t let the appliances get damp. Try to put them in a dry and ventilated place. Finally, the importance of safe use of electricity was reiterated again.

Through this class meeting, students are more deeply aware that ensuring personal life, health and property safety is an important part of the safety of electricity in the dormitory, so everyone should put life safety first, keep in mind the school rules and disciplines, and actively implement the content of this class meeting to enhance and improve the safe use of electricity by individuals and even the whole school students. Be aware of prevention, respect and protect the safety of individuals and others.