LNCU Student’s Art Work Won Gold Award in Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

On July 16th, 2017, the third Liaoning "Internet Plus" College Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition came to the end in Shenyang. The "ACG stage props production base" (ACG) from LNCU won the gold award. 

4,243 projects from 100 universities in Liaoning Province signed up for this competition. Finally, 150 works were selected into the final. Through fierce competition, the student’s art work, ACG, from LNCU stood out and got the honour to win the gold award. This work is expected to be selected for the National Final Competition which will be held this year by the Ministry of Education.
The team of ACG is comprised of the students of Film and Visual Department. They had got strong supports from the teachers of Film and Visual Department. This team has won a good reputation in the field of animation. The props works from this team have won many national awards and been for sale throughout the country. Many television stations preferred the props works from this team, such as Liaoning TV, Shanghai TV and Zhejiang TV.

To further stimulate students' enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship, LNCU has created favorable conditions and policies for students' innovation and entrepreneurship projects.