The meeting of Liaoning province cultural and industrial alliance of university and enterprise is held in LNCU

In order to carry out the work of cultural and industrial alliance between university and enterprise, solve the problem of students employment, and send talents for the enterprise, LNCU successfully held the meeting of Liaoning province cultural and industrial alliance between university and enterprise on June 10, 2017. Many famous enterprises including Liaoning TV Station, Taiwan Baosheng International Group, Phoenix Net, Net East, Northeast News Net and so on as well as more than 20 universities and 5000 graduates attended the meeting. Over 3000 working positions were provided for the graduates.

Highlight 1: Numerous positions for graduates and large scale corporation

There were 200 companies with the registered capital of more than 10 million RMB and Black Swan Company needed over 500 graduates. Enterprises representatives said this meet solved the problem of talents. Every position received 20-50 resumes. Both enterprises and graduates were satisfied with the meeting. HR manager from Jiuchuang Decoration Group said that during the years of cooperation between university and enterprise LNCU has sent us many talents and they trusted LNCU so much. What is more, the enterprises were so happy that they would like to try their best to serve the alliance, and hope they could establish a long term relationship between the university and enterprise.

Highlight 2: Widening Participation of Liaoning provincial universities and pretty high satisfaction of graduates

We saw many graduates here, who thanked the alliance for providing them with so good employment platform. At the recruitment sites, we saw many graduates from Shenyang Aerospace University sending their resumes, taking interviews and finding their favorite jobs. They said that they appreciated the alliance so much and would treasure this chance.

Highlight 3: High signing rate and job suited rate

Many enterprises said they found the right talents for the positions and would like to attend the meeting next year. Also, many graduates said there were more options for them to find jobs.

The meeting of Liaoning provincial cultural and industrial alliance between university and enterprise provided many positions, covered most majors, and served almost the graduates. Holding the successful meeting must promote the development of Liaoning’s cultural industry.