Bangladesh BSB-Cambrian Education Group Visits LNCU

Since LNCU opened the international education, many international universities have contacted us one after another, and they hope to cooperate with LNCU to open the international education together. On 24 April LNCU signed understanding memorandum of international education with BSB-Cambrian Education Group from Bangladesh and BSB-Cambrian Education Group will send Bangladesh students this year.

The adviser of BSB-Cambrian Education Group- Mr. Rafsun Juny visited LNCU in the morning on April 24. The vice president Xu Ying and the Executive Director of Department of International Cooperation and Exchange Wu Ningning met the guest in the NO.2 Reception Room. In order to cooperate with LNCU, Mr. Rufsun Juny prepared many video and picture materials and introduced the BSB-Cambrian Education Group of Bangladesh, majors and external exchange in details. Mr. Rafsun said he was attracted to LNCU by its reputation and would send more Bangladesh students to LNCU.

After the meeting, Vice president Xu detailed introduced the broadcasting room, recording training room, non-linear editing system and customized training class. In the Shengjing Gallery, Mr. Rufsun was interested in the students’ works displayed in the gallery and took many pictures with the words “ very good”. He spoke highly of LNCU students’works and said that LNCU was the most beautiful university among over 200 universities he visited. Mr. Rufsun expressed he would send the Bangladesh students as soon as possible.

Through communications, the 2 parties exchanged the idea on issue of international students sent by the Bangladesh BSB-Cambiran Education Group. On behalf of LNCU, Vice President Xu signed the cooperation agreement of international students with Mr. Rufsun,which enriched LNCU international students’ country list.