Call for writings-2019 “Liaoning and Me” Chinese Writing Contest

Sponsored by Department of Education of Liaoning Province, a Chinese writing contest will be held from March to May, 2019. This contest is hosted by Liaoning Normal University and Liaoning Provincial Education Association for International Exchange. More than 20 universities in Liaoning province will participate in this contest and each university will select at most 10 candidates. Welcome all students to take part in this writing contest.


* Choose one theme from the above three and make your own title

Numbers of words:

800-1500 Chinese characters


Title: Songti Font, text size 22, bold

Main text: Fangsong Font, text size 16


Two to three pictures are required in the writing which are related to your writings.

*Pictures should be taken by the candidate him/herself

Awards and number of winners

First award: 5

Second award: 10

Third award: 20

Excellent award: 50

If you are interested, please contact:

Michelle Wan

Mobile/Wechat: 13072423460