IEC Organize Students Visited Paleontological Museum of Liaoning Province

On  Friday, February 15th, 2019, a visit to Paleontological Museum of Liaoning was organized by International Education College, LNCU. Some international students joined in the tour with joyful expectations.

Students from Tanzania, Bangladesh, and Nigeria formed this harmonious and multicultural visiting group. In Paleontological Museum of Liaoning Province, students were amazed by the 15,000-square meter museum, the largest so far in China, showcasing over 10,000 collections of paleontological fossils and remaining in 16 distinct exhibition areas, and they enjoyed a personal experience of the world and Chinese biological heritage. A dinosaur skeleton displayed in the central of the museum also attracted students' attention.

Later, students visited the museum with an English-speaking tour guide accompanied, where they strolled in the giant museum and took pictures with the dinosaur skeleton. The students claimed their affection to Shenyang on their way back to LNCU.