Police officers of Exit & Entry Bureau Attended 2019 IEC Seminar

In order to summarize international education experience, improve quality education and enhance connotation construction, our university convoked an international education seminar on 15th of January. Vice president Prof. Xu Ying, Deputy Captain Gao Bo, Shenyang Immigration Bureau and all the teaching faculties of International Education college participated in this meeting.
Before the start of the seminar, Deputy Captain Gao Bo passed on the letter of thanks for the contribution of our university in assisting in the filming of the propaganda video and expressed the greatest respect towards our teachers’ high-standard work.

At the opening of the seminar, Vice president Prof. Xu Ying welcomed all the distinguished guests and wished a great success of the meeting. She said our university placed high importance on international education. We are having more than 200 students from 33 countries. We wanted to give our thanks to our government for its support, to our peer institution for their guidance, especially, to our staff for their hard working. She emphasized in order to upgrade the quality of our international education in a comprehensive manner we should focus not only in expanding the number but also in optimizing the structure as well as enhancing the connotation construction.

Then, Deputy Captain Gao Bo delivered a speech on the importance and complexity of international affairs which requires high-standard management. She hoped our university would pay more attention in daily management, education quality so as to shape more pro-china students.

At last, all the teaching faculties took turns to present their valuable and constructive ideas in terms of training scheme, class teaching, after-school activities, daily management.
This seminar is considered fruitful and played an important role in elevating our international education and skills of daily management. In the future, we will stick to the policy of expanding the number, optimizing the structure, standardizing the management and keeping the quality.