We have some good news for all international students, LNCU opens a new diploma program in Business Administration. Let me give a brief introduction of the curriculum of this diploma!
The purpose of the business administration curriculum is to provide students with a challenging, high quality education that results in a thorough understanding of the traditional functional areas of business. This foundation allows business administration majors to effectively contribute to the operation, administration and organizational objectives of the enterprises in which they are engaged.

Along with a solid foundation of business knowledge, the business administration curriculum provides options that allow the graduate to develop strengths in areas of interest in order to meet individual goals and objectives.

In addition to imparting a broad base knowledge of the fundamental concepts and theory of business, we seeks to provide its majors with a curriculum that nurtures and enhances critical thinking and analytical skills; develops and emphasizes effective written and oral communication; fosters interpersonal and teamwork skills; provides an understanding of the global nature of business, and creates an acute awareness of ethical and moral behavior in the conduct of managerial activities.