"Beautiful China" shines in LA travel show

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 25 (Xinhua) — A group of China' s Airlines and Travel Agencies attracted many clients in Travel and Adventure Show of Los Angeles Sunday, which is the biggest one of eight stops hosted in different U.S. cities including LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, New York, Las Vegas, San Diego and Denver.
Organized by China National Tourism Administration (CNTA), all of the promotion and sale works for Chinese travel routes had a unified large-scale thematic advertising campaign called "Beautiful China, " which was printed with the Great Wall, Panda or CNTA's logo on posters, baseball caps and even coffee cups.
In booth of China Tourism – one of 200 – that filled the packed LA convention hall this weekend, Ning Wu, Director of the China National Tourist office in Los Angeles, told Xinhua that the classical routes and cities, like Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an are still popular among American tourists while CNTA would like to introduce some new attractive vista places to them.
"We are hopeful the amazing destinations along the historic Silk Road will continue to draw record numbers of Americans, " she said, "there are also some American agents asking us information about Ice Festival in Harbin."
"We want American tourists to know more about diverse of China," she said, adding that "the Intergrate Tourism project launched by CNTO has upgrade quality of tourism service in China, so it is comfortable now to some places that difficult for tourists to reach."
Jee, a Korean American living in Los Angeles, wanted to know where is Bai Di Cheng and how he can visit there. He knows the place for fiction Three Kingdoms.
"I have been in China for more than 10 times, I love your county," he told Xinhua, saying that China's tourism industry has been developed very fast. Ten years ago, restrooms and some restaurants were dirty, but now, every thing is much better, he added.
According to Wu, U.S. tourists to China have been increasing each year and the number reaches more than 2 million, doubling that of a decade ago. Meanwhile, the two counties have also reached a goal last year to double the tourist exchange to 5 million a year.
Source: Xinhua