China-UK Cultural Experience Center launched in London

LONDON, Feb. 23 (Xinhua) — The China-UK Experience Center was launched here on Friday to offer British people access to the Chinese culture.
Xiang Xiaowei, minister counselor for culture at the Chinese Embassy in London, told Xinhua the new center could serve as a platform to promote cultural exchanges between China and the UK.
During the recent visit to China by British Prime Minister Theresa May, both Chinese and British leaders agreed to push for an enhanced version of the "Golden Era" of China-UK relations. This is conducive to further promoting cultural cooperation between the two countries, Xiang said.
The new center is based in the House of Phoenix in southeast London, which was founded in May 2012 as the first overseas wholly-owned subsidiary of Phoenix Publishing and Media Group in Jiangsu Province, East China.
The center will host cultural exhibitions, performance, lectures, and Chinese language classes. Efforts will be also made to help translate English literature into Chinese and Chinese books into English, said Shen Yingwen, executive director of Phoenix Publishing and Media in London.
The center is planning a variety of cultural programs for all ages, Shen said, adding that Chinese and British artists would be invited to give lectures at the center.
After the launching ceremony, artists and children from China and Britain staged songs and dances to celebrate the Chinese New Year, which began on Feb. 16.
Source: Xinhua